D Golding

David Golding

Historian, Church History Library, Salt Lake City

Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University
History of Christianity & Religions in North America

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    David Golding is a historian of Mormonism and missions.

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      He graduated with a Ph.D. in the history of Christianity at Claremont Graduate University.

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      His specialization is transdisciplinary, drawing from the field of religious studies.

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      He has written and lectured on missionaries and their interactions with proselytes.

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      He teaches courses on Mormon history at Brigham Young University.

  • Superstitions of the Heathen

    Foreign Missions and the Fashioning of American Exceptionalism, 1800–1861

    Ph.D. Dissertation, Claremont Graduate University

    • In 1800, the first missionary periodicals to be published in the United States entered circulation.

      Readers would soon rely on this growing literature for information about the world beyond.

      This dissertation traces the ways missionaries abroad defined the “foreign” for home audiences, and in turn, shaped early ideas of American exceptionalism.

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